« Décalage » is an interactive video project built on a an open source game engine whose features have been distorted.
The « Décalage » project has the ambition to hack a game engine while preserving its actors and gameplay principles, and replacing every visual elements with fragments of paintings by Stéphane Trois Carrés. Instead of faking an immersion by the means of animated paintings, the elements of pictorial language become every mapping object of the game universe. This is how every wall, every building and its elements, furniture, vehicles are all substituted with structures drawn and painted by Stéphane Trois Carrés. Keeping its essential structure and remaining a game, the experience becomes a psychedelic/cosmic trip, in which object categories and signs were inconveniently shifted. This disorienting shift, as experienced by Stéphane when he was younger and did LSD, is at the core of the experience.